Dyck O’Neal Lawsuits in Massachusetts

Throughout 2014 we have been dealing with a flood of lawsuits from a debt collection firm called Dyck O’Neal. The
lawsuits are mostly from Florida, and they arise out of mortgage foreclosure deficiencies judgments purchased by Dyck O’Neal.

Former homeowners who left homes or second properties in Florida and moved to Massachusetts are now (as of mid 2014) being served here in Massachusetts for lawsuits in Florida.

You have a few options when served with such a lawsuit.

  • Find and pay a lawyer in Florida to fight the judgment in court there;
  • File bankruptcy in Massachusetts if you qualify to discharge the debt. You can contact us for that if you live in Massachusetts.
  • Negotiate with Dyck O’Neal, either yourself or through a Florida or Massachusetts lawyer. You can also contact us to retain us to help with this option.

We are Massachusetts lawyers, not Florida lawyers, but we can help with Massachusetts matters related to Dyck O’Neal.